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Book a room at our B&B, or rent one or both holiday villas for a group stay.

Vacation Villas

We offer the option of renting one or both homes as a whole. It offers space for a group up to 16 people. If desired we can provide a daily yoga and / or meditation class, as well as other services like lunch, diner, massage, or osteopathy.

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Mindful B&B

When the houses are not rented out (usually outside the holidays), it is possible to rent one (or more) room (s). Mindful means “with attention”. With a “mindful B&B” we mean to offer a place where you can sense that everything is arranged with loving care for the space and our guests. And that our guests will naturally bring their attention back to the present, and through that, experience more relaxation, recharge and come to new inspiration.

We mainly focus on singles / couples who come here to fully relax in a quiet environment and therefore have a minimum age of 16 years in the B&B.

We serve an elaborate largely biological breakfast buffet with delicious bread, patisserie, pastry, fresh fruit and nuts, eggs, cheese, breakfast cereal, (vegan) dairy, coffee, tea and fruit juices. We’re happy to cater to any dietary preferences you may have provided you give us notice in advance.

The rooms have their own bathroom and toilet, a Nespresso machine and kettle and a mini fridge. Throughout your stay you’re free to use the living room, the terraces and the garden, as well as the swimming pool. We possess a small library of books about mindfulness, yoga and personal development in several languages, that you are free to use. We’re happy to tell you about activities in the neighbourhood and can of course assist you in booking an excursion. You can also make an appointment with us for a private yoga class, massage or osteopathy.

You don’t need any experience with yoga or meditation to participate in our classes. The classes are easy to follow and give enough of a challenge for all fitness levels. That makes it the ideal opportunity for those that are already familiar with yoga and meditation to come together with someone is isn’t (yet). For those of you whose partner or friend doesn’t want to join our classes, they’re free to sleep in or do something of their own choosing while you join our yoga class. That way you can both really relax.

Daily schedule Mindful B&B

(All these are optional and are based on sign up the day before)

9.00 AM – 10.30 AM Breakfast
5.30 PM – 6.00 PM Meditation session (Monday-Friday)
6.00 PM – 7.00 PM Sivananda yoga class (Monday-Friday)

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“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.” ~William Butler Yeats


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