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Meditation and yoga classes (from April 2021)

Five mornings a week we offer a guided meditation and a yoga class, both in English. Guests of Domaine Saint Domingue and people from the surrounding area can register for one or both, up to 12 hours in advance via the buttons below. You are welcome to join us last minute without registering too, but if there are not enough registrations the night before, classes will be cancelled.

The guided meditations and yoga classes are always tailored to the group and are suitable for every level, whether you have never done anything like this, or have been doing yoga and meditating for years. You absolutely don’t have to be flexible, slim or young. Yoga mats, meditation cushions and blankets are provided.

The yoga class is in the style of Sivananda. Sivananda yoga includes not only physical yoga postures, but also breathing exercises, meditation, vinyasa. Mantras are used. There are 12 basic postures and 84 variation postures, all of which are held for some time. Because certain postures keep recurring, you keep immersing yourself in your practice. And because of the variation postures, the lesson can be adapted for every level. A lesson can be very calm and relaxed, but also very intensive and more sporty.

The price for people from the area is € 7.50 for the mediation, € 12.50 for the yoga class and € 15.00 for both.
Guests of WAYA Mindful B&B can join for free.

Meditation Yoga
Monday 7.15-7.45 08.00-09.00
Tuesday 7.15-7.45 08.00-09.00
Wednesday 7.15-7.45 08.00-09.00
Thursday 7.15-7.45 08.00-09.00
Friday 7.15-7.45 08.00-09.00

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