Additional services

Breakfast is included in the price in the case of a stay at our B&B, or a retreat.


Transfer (minimum 4 people) € 80,00 per person
Meditation class
Monday to Friday 5.30 PM – 6.00 PM
€ 7,50 per person
Yoga class
Monday to Friday 6.00 PM – 7.00 PM
€ 12,50 per person
Meditation & Yoga class (as above) € 17,50 per person
Private yoga class € 85,00 per hour
Massage, by NarboZen € 85,00 per hour
Osteopathy € 85,00 per hour
3-course lunch or dinner (minimum 4 adults, to be booked well in advance) € 37,50 per person
Picnic basket with bread, wine, cheese etc. € 30,00 for two


You can sign up for a meditation or yoga class until 8 PM the day before. Once we have a minimum of two participants, we have an open door policy and allow walk-ins to join us. However, when we haven’t had at least two signups the night before, class will be cancelled.

Massages and osteopathy are available for booking, based on availability. You can schedule an appointment for a massage here.

For lunch or dinner, please make reservations well in advance, so we can book a private chef for you.

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