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Cynthia is a trained bodywork therapist, coach and yoga teacher. After a short venture into corporate life, she soon realized that a career in that field wouldn’t make her happy. At age 25 she switched gears. She worked as a life coach for eight years, helping those with multifaceted issues, all the while continuing to take several trainings in the field, after which she started her own haptonomy practice in Rotterdam.

Cynthia has a passion for personal development, because she experiences the impact of it in her own life daily. Personal development gives color, depth and fulfillment to her life. It taught her a lot about who she is and what matters to her. Body work has taught her to feel, rather than come at situations solely through reason. She’s also done several years of ‘core work’ which deepened her connection to herself, as well as gave her a strong sense of trust that all is well, just as it is.

Jan is a trained yoga and meditation teacher (RYT 800), specialized in Sivananda yoga. He worked as a teacher at the yoga teacher academy, which also served to deepen his own practice. This holistic form of yoga allowed him to feel more complete, more whole as a person. Since practicing yoga he’s also begun to feel more relaxed, and more powerful, both physically and mentally. He has a passion for sharing yoga, meditation and the yogic philosophy with anyone who’s interested.

Sivananda yoga is not just about the physical yoga postures, but includes breathwork, meditation and vinyasa (a flowing sequence of postures) as well. It also uses mantra’s. There are 12 basic postures and 84 variations, that are all being held for some time. Because certain postures keep repeating, you’ll automatically find a deepening in your practice. The variations make it possible to adapt each class to fit the fitness level of the participants. A class can at times be calm and relaxed, or more intensive and athletic.

Jan had a life before yoga too. He began his working life as a chef and worked as an operational manager in the hospitality industry for a time. Hosting is in his blood, and making his guests at ease, is his happy place. Nevertheless he too switched gears. When he first started practicing yoga he worked as an Operations Manager at Manpower, leading several teams. He was a true people manager. At Manpower Group he also held a position as president of the Works council where he excelled at creating unity and connection within groups and various departments.

In 2013 Jan and Cynthia got married and they started a yoga teacher training at Yoga Vidya in Rotterdam. Three years later they launched their business Yogayounity, bringing yoga to businesses by guiding 30 minute sessions in the workplace, wearing plain clothes. They now run this business from their new home in the South of France, and continue to expand this business, along with partners, throughout Europe.

In 2021 a dream of Jan and Cynthia becomes a reality: they open WAYA à Domaine Saint Domingue in Narbonne. They want to share this stunning place with anyone who feels the desire for a moment of rest, contemplation, renewed inspiration, or more connection. To assist you in that, they offer yoga and meditation classes, coaching, body work, frequency therapy treatments, and work alongside other experts such as a masseuse and an osteopath. They live in a home separate from the guest lodgings and are discretely present in the background. They’re eager and willing to assist you if you wish, while simultaneously giving you the space you need. They’d love to say welcome, welcome as you are.

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